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Advent of Voiceover 2023

It's the 3rd annual Voiceover Advent counting down to Christmas. Catch some brilliant voiceover events, giveaways and other inspired ways to celebrate this holiday season!

Dec. 1 Present inspiration with Soundwave Art – your soundwaves turned into prints, jewelry and more

Dec. 2 Write your Christmas cards out while listening to a British VO Podcast or two

Dec. 3 Make a voiceover goal list and audit for the New Year!

Dec. 4 Give back to our industry with your voice or other donation to Learning Ally

Dec. 5 Decorate your studio, sound booth, website & socials for the holidays #voiceoverchristmas

Dec. 7 Celebrate with The Game Awards Live Stream 7:30pm EST

Dec. 7,8,9 Attend That’s Voiceover Career Expo -In Person -Los Angeles, California

Dec. 10 Glitz up for 10th Anniversary SOVAS Awards Gala Beverly Hills, California 3:30 PST

Dec. 11 Listen to the Voiceover Industry Internet Radio (Shows Monday & Wednesday 5pm EST)

Dec. 12 Recognize National Mic Check Day 1212 in your social media

Dec. 13 Apply for a scholarship at Voiceover Talent Online (for current college students)

Dec. 14 Watch for the Bafta Games Awards 2024 Longlist Nominations

Dec. 15 Be a part of The Voice Over Networks VOND Virtual Christmas Party 2pm EST

Dec .16 RSVP for a free online Holiday VO workshop with the Voice Acting Institute 11am EST (Dec 23 too)

Dec. 17 Eat a voice friendly Christmas fruit snack like the Santa Claus - Christmas Melon

Dec. 18 Hone your VO emotes with That Sound Game & check out our Voiceover games blog

Dec. 19 Watch a new Christmas Movie like A Christmas Frequency (radio host xmas themed)

Dec. 20 Register for Rhonda Phillips 4th Annual VO Holiday Gift Extravaganza incl. ugly sweater contest 7pm ET

Dec. 21 Join The Voice Director- Randall Ryan's Online Workout Group today or tomorrow

Dec. 22 Shout out to your Favorite sound engineer - it's International Sound Engineers Day

Dec. 23 Create a free account with Abaton Calendar to keep up with all the Global Voiceover events year round

Dec. 24 Participate in Marc Scott's Voeprenuer -spectacular 12 Voice Over Gifts of Christmas

From my family to yours, Have a Bright and Happy Holiday Season!

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Ian Russell

Ian Russell is a British Voiceover Artist specializing in commercial voice over, narration, video game, character voices, animation and more. He is a frequent guest speaker on conference panels and podcasts, sharing knowledge about voice over. Read More >>


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