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The Games Voice Artists Play

In a previous blog, I had touched upon voice over gifts and a few games were mentioned. I thought I would expound on some more games that serve as both good times & also give us VO’s a bit of a challenging workout. (Or perhaps an unfair advantage)

Online & Apps:

Accentuate (Also available in various editions & board games) The hilarious accent game is a fast paced game where you get an accent and quote card, and your opponents have to guess the accent. There is Playmonster Accentuate edition where you do movie quotes with an accent (extra points are given if you can guess the movie/director etc). This game was invented by a British brother & sister and was featured on Dragons Den.

Vocular An App that is more of an activity than a game. Supposedly tells you how much vocal fry and what famous person your voice range is similar to, as well as helping you find that perfect deep tone range. Good for laughs but unsure of its technical merit. I was told I sound like Anthony Hopkins, David Tennant, Bruce Willis and somewhere not too far down the list, The Queen!

VoiceReact an online voiceover and improv game where you can create original scenes of dialogue in different accents.

Accent Changer Games There are literally tons of these games available online through various portals.

An amusing way to listen to what your voice sounds like in a different accent and perhaps work on recreating it?

More information about some of the more popular ones can be found at Wondershare and Inspiration Feed.

Board & Card Games:

Accentuate (See above)

Acting out PJ Party Game For kids to teens- you act or sound out different scenarios. A fun edition for parties and voice over artists in training.

Soundiculous The tagline is Beep, cheep, grunt or howl your way to victory – need I say more? And essential practice for Orc and Viking death screams

Utter Nonsense Silly phrases with silly accents to create silly, playful fun (child & adult editions available)

These types of game have been around for a long time! For example 'Impressions' & 'Mimitations' are two other vintage vocal type games that can be found on the secondhand market.

Are there any that you would add to the list?


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