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British and American Voiceover Podcasts

Taking some time out each week to listen and learn from voiceover experts is a non-negotiable for both seasoned and beginning voice artists.

However, being actively involved in classes or training sessions can sometimes be difficult to fit into weekly schedules. That’s where podcasts have really come into their own. They fill a niche’ of passive listening and being able to pinpoint specific information being given.

There are truly an abundance of top notch podcasts to pick from, with amazing free advice and tips regarding the voiceover profession. I have singled out a few British & American podcasts that I have on my playlist.

UK Podcasts

VO Social Podcast Considered the first voiceover specific podcast in the UK, according to Vocal Process Podcast. Nic Redman & Leah Marks have incorporated VO social get togethers (both online & in person) with their podcast for about 8 years. This spring it will be re-launching with new pod hosts Rob and Helen Bee from B Double E

A Voiceover’s Audio Adventure Podcast Award winning podcast by the award-winning Londoner Jo Troy.

How Do you Say that?! British voice actors Mark Ryes, Samantha Boffin and special voiceover guests are out to entertain & educate with their podcast, that gives a British take on approaching scripts. 

The VoiceOver Hour Podcast VON founder Rachael Naylor is joined by special Voiceover guests, for a wide variety of voiceover advice. 


The Spotlight Podcast Acting and Performing Podcast that cover an array of topics including voiceover.

US Podcasts

The VO Breakfast Show Features British voice artist Jaime Muffet and US Voice actress Carin Gilfry as the hosts. They have a handful of 1-word titled podcasts that are both refreshing and insightful. They also have a facebook page where they discuss ideas for future podcasts. 

The Voice Director Presents: Let’s Talk Voiceover  Directors Ryan Randall (Hamsterball Studios) & Gillian Brashear discuss all things Voiceover with top industry directors and experts.

SAG-Aftra Podcast  You don’t officially have to be a member to listen to these podcasts and webinars available on the SAG site. Great on getting to know more about SAG and SAG related issues.

Cheryl Holling Podcasts:

The VO Kitchen Where recipes & voice talent blend (I had the privilege of being a guest recently).

19 Stories Creative challenges from voice artists, musicians, broadcasters, authors, speakers, and coaches.

Hope you can take some time to mix it up and ‘voiceover podcast’ your day with these top 10 recommended American and British podcasts!

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Ian Russell

Ian Russell is a British Voiceover Artist specializing in commercial voice over, narration, video game, character voices, animation and more. He is a frequent guest speaker on conference panels and podcasts, sharing knowledge about voice over. Read More >>


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