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One Voice is coming to America!

There is a new (ish) kid in town, The One Voice Conference & Awards USA 2021 is getting his cowboy boots and 10 Gallon hat ready for a weekend of rootin. tootin' VO learning and networking in Dallas, TX.

Gravy for the Brain’s One Voice Conference & Awards Gala has always been on British soil. They had a virtual US conference last year but have added even more strings to their bow now with the Awards and Gala coming to America this summer, in conjunction with their Conference.

One Voice USA 2021 was announced earlier this month and will be an in-person (plus virtual option) Conference, Gala and Awards event being held August 26-29. This is in addition to their One Voice UK London Conference, Gala and Awards which will be held the week before August 19-22.

Although you can only apply for one country’s award categories, there are ticket options to attend both. The UK-US award categories mirror each other with the addition of a few new categories for the American market (political and movie/game trailer and voice-over legend categories).

I spoke at VO Atlanta this year about the benefits of entering Voice Over Awards and am excited about this new opportunity to give recognition to Voice Over talent.

I won two One Voice Awards last year and have been grateful for the exposure and profile they have provided me. If you think you might have something special that was voiced in 2020, you will need to register for a free account on their site to submit your work for a possible nomination and, who knows, maybe even an award win. You will need to have the name of the director, producer, and permissions to submit your work. The deadline for the UK (mostly British awards) is June 6, 2020, and the deadline for the US (mostly US awards) is June 13th. You can submit up to 10 different categories of work.

Even if you are not planning on submitting for an award or attending the Gala, there will be some informative voice-over presentations at the conference that you won't want to miss.

I myself will be presenting at One Voice USA in Dallas and look forward to not only being a speaker but being a part of this new cutting edge Voice over event. See you there Y'all!


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