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When in September of this year my name came out of the envelope, not once but twice, to win the Animation Performance of the Year and Male Voiceover of the Year 2020. The one word that kept coming to me was – Surreal –

I had been nominated the previous year so there was a hope that I might get nominated again but I didn’t expect to win.

I looked at the talent shortlisted, an impressive list of industry heavy hitters.

I think the shock is plain to see in my face in this screenshot.

A month later and it’s started to sink in. There are clear signs that as a marketing opportunity it can help open doors. My business is pivoting. If I’d known the amount of work winning would create at the back-end of the business, I might not have put myself forward! Pitch letters, website content, profiles on rosters everything must be updated to reflect the new reality.

As a performer it gives you confidence that what you are doing is heading in the right direction and maybe just a little bit of performer tension lifts from your shoulders.

In the last month I’ve booked spots with major brands, snagged roles I craved in games and been approached to audition (They asked me! I can tell you that’s a thrill).

The message?

Submit for awards (remember One Voice is free to enter so you have no excuse!)

Being shortlisted is a big win. Picking up an award? That can change your reality.

And this week reality took a step forward into my home. The beautiful engraved glass awards arrived from the good folk at One Voice. It’s no longer surreal, reality has bitten.


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