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Voice over Genres & Categories

We All love lists don’t we, The top ten, the top 100, Family fortunes... We surveyed 100 people...Our survey said! So when someone asks what sort of VO I do , I generally respond with a list like Video games, TV commercials, and Radio.

If someone asks what voiceover is I'll remark – “Anywhere you hear a voice performing but you can’t see the face saying the words, that's voiceover”

I guess that’s my voice over banter line.

But since voice over has so many layers and it is truly everywhere, I decided to try compiling a list of how many different Genre and sub-genres there might be. You can imagine the list got quite convoluted, so to bring some order into it, I collated it into groups. I Settled on 9 Groups and then tried to fit all the genres into those groups. There is probably more crossover of categories than shown but it’s a great way to show that voice over work comes in all shapes and sizes.

Here my list of categories of Voice Over


Social Media/Radio/TV/Cinema/Video/Retail Premises/Trailers for Books/Movies/games etc.






Meditation/Sleep Stories/Podcasts/Podcast Drama


Promotional Film/E-Learning/Explainer Video/Real Estate/Ad agency Pitch /Sizzle Reels


Audiobooks/Audio Drama/Toys/Electronic Toys/Greeting Cards/Video Game


Documentary/ Social media platforms /DVD extras /Audio guides Museums, galleries


Voice Matching (ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) /Looping/Dubbing)

/Non-Verbal ASMR/Text to Speech/Voice Assistant /AI


IVR/On-Hold /Out of Office

If you are working on finding new leads or developing a new marketing plan maybe you will find this list

useful and if you have something to add to it would be great, to have your input.


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