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The House of Voice Over

If you have seen Ian on a podcast or interview, he likes to tell the story of how I helped start his Voice Acting career. Around 2012, I was looking for a creative gift for him and knew that he had once been in Community Theatre for many years before we met (with 40+ plays/pantomimes und

er his belt). including 2 shows at the Edinburgh International Festival. I blindly managed to find him what turned out to be a career transforming course -Introduction to Voice Acting with JP Orr and later with Yvonne Morley. It was a 1 day intensive at The Showreel in London, about a 50-minute train ride from our then house in Oxfordshire.

Roll on several years and a move to the US. The first couple of months it was a slow start, but he found local classes and a mentor with Stan Fisher.

He took his previous acting savvy and worked hard learning the business, where to find jobs and how to edit audio; completely absorbing himself in the voice acting world.

I’ve helped along the way with advice and support, but it really hasn’t been until this year that I have played a more active part in his career.

I had worked at a local community college since we moved, and my contract finally came to an end this summer. We had talked about me becoming more active in the business but now was finally the opportunity that made it happen. As a business major, I have been able to use and update my social media and digital design skills (I love Canva ). Alongside the launch of a new website, I have been channeling creativity into photography, marketing, editing and whatever is needed. It’s something I have been interested in doing for a long time.

It seems our conversations are never far from some Voice Over topic. I was a voice over wife but now I can say I am a voice over partner.

Our daughters have also been involved in voice acting, especially our younger daughter Eva. She has the acting gene that Ian’s mum ignited for him. She has been acting since she was 5 and has never looked back. She just auditioned virtually for Guys & Dolls Jr at her school, and we have our fingers crossed for her. Also excited for her this month, as she has a voice coming out in Chernobylite, a major platform video game alongside her Dad. In these times that have been difficult for everyone, especially the teens, it has been an absolute blessing that she has voiceover to focus on.

I have dabbled a bit into the actual voice acting side of the business. I would like to get more involved in that part but there is still so much more to learn. I am absolutely enjoying the ride, especially even more now, that I am in the sidecar. Who would have ever imagined that a gift would be so life transforming?


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