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Voiceover Subscription Services

An overview to help you find what's right for your voiceover career.

Most voice actors are familiar with the many voice-casting subscriptions out there. However, there are other types of voiceover subscription services available for training, networking, and support.

They can help provide a familiar constant in a voiceover world filled with sometimes, anything but.

Here is a useful lineup of some of these subscription providers:

$12.99 monthly basic fee/$142.00 annual Includes group coaching sessions, networking & workout opportunities, misc. course materials such as scripts & rate sheets. Also, on over 70 voiceover coaches offer additional coaching for an extra fee. (Designed to fit various needs, budget, and schedule).

$30 monthly/$197 year/$497 lifetime. Mainly an online resource of hundreds of YouTube training videos, downloadable training material, and blogs. Also included are the Facebook support group and support team. (Some free taster courses are available on YouTube).

$39 monthly/$369 for the year. They offer monthly VO workout groups, voice reel critiques, webinars, voiceover academy, support and roster. Discounted partner products, services & workshops such as VOND (Voiceover Network Drinks) in-person events run throughout the year in various locations and Get Your Game On (the only voiceover gaming conference) is held yearly in both London and Los Angeles.

$40 monthly. Provides weekly voiceover workouts, monthly workshops featuring industry professionals, discounted 1-on-1 individual coaching sessions, and an exclusive Discord server for meetups.

$49 monthly/$490 for the year on offer are weekly live webinars in addition to hundreds of pre-recorded ones. Advice and support to help manage your voiceover careers, like Business Mentoring forums and CRM tools. They run special events like the One Voice Conferences & Awards. A platinum package is also available with extra benefits.

$59 monthly/$599 yearly. Focused on live performance coaching, workshops & Q&A. Mix of live & on-demand training (900 + hours), education, and support. Discounts are offered on special courses and webinars. Script library, rate & negotiation guides are also included.

$99.00 monthly regular rate/Current promo of $49.50 first month/25% off yearly subscription. Access to previously recorded voiceover class library, exclusive newsletter and monthly live classes featuring voiceover tools and insights from Steve Blum and other industry leaders.

$250 monthly. Sets of group auditions, workout critiques, zoom classes & events, plus special members-only benefits with the potential to be on their casting roster and tap into 25 years of their studio's experience and connections.

**Most of these monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Rates posted are subject to change due to promotions and/or increases.

There are also CRM (Customer Relationship Management) subscriptions, audio subscriptions (like Adobe Audition) (*watch for another blog on both of these), and specialty voiceover subscriptions like Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr.s Attorney on demand, Artist Business Plan.

There are so many options around to help forge a voiceover career. Whether it be attending voiceover conferences, bespoke voiceover training classes, or voiceover subscriptions. Learning the industry's ins and outs, never really ends. The subscription model seems to be out there, everywhere right now. On both the business and voice actor's side, it can help with budgeting, accountability, and engagement. As long as commitment and consistency are there in using the services on tap, it could potentially be a very useful tool in starting or expanding a voiceover career.

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Ian Russell

Ian Russell is a British Voiceover Artist specializing in commercial voice over, narration, video game, character voices, animation and more. He is a frequent guest speaker on conference panels and podcasts, sharing knowledge about voice over. Read More >>


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