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Voiceover Niche Marketing

In a recent Zoom Voice over meetup ‘Niche Marketing’ was discussed in relation to what the Voice Actor can bring to the table. Can you sound like Santa, an Elf or a Fairy?  Holiday voices provide niche marketing opportunities galore.  With Christmas spending estimated to be $465 billion for 2020, it’s no wonder that businesses are focusing on the fact that specialised marketing allows them to target specific markets more accurately. Most companies have special multimedia campaigns or follow holiday trends. Toy manufacturers and card makers put our voices in their toys and cards. Many video games have themed events, and most advertising campaigns push to get their product out for the holiday season months before it arrives.  We just had Halloween another niche market and Valentine's Day and St Patrick’s day will be with us before we know it.

As a British Voice living in the USA, I consider what I offer quite a specialised service. I do work in the UK market, of course, but most of my business is not from UK based clients but more worldwide. In the UK I would be mainstream, but in the US, I am a niche voice. My clients might not have business for me every week but when they need a British accent, they usually approach me first. So, for those clients, I am their niche voice for British accented projects. 

It’s a good idea to write a list of possible voice over markets that match your own 'nicheness’ but also to see how your voice can fit into a specialist market.

Everyone has a voice uniquely their own but if you can impersonate someone currently on trend, then that too could be an opportunity for you. What, as an individual, makes you special or sets you apart from the competition? Your background, schooling, career, hobbies, looks and even personal life are places to look, to create a voice over campaign that highlights you. Then take this speciality and see what markets have used this niche before or may be seeking it in the future.  


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