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Voice over Podcast-arama

When I started looking into all the VO podcasts, I was astonished at how many choices there were. The VO industry is known for its generosity of spirit, which is expressed through the many podcasts out there. There is so much valuable VO advice and stories in podcasts. Specialist guests freely sharing their hard-won knowledge and expertise. Both new and seasoned voice-over artists are wholeheartedly embracing this audio format of communication.

It’s a format that’s easily accessed: In your car (Reading a blog or watching a Vlog not advised!), with your earbuds in while doing the chores, working out at the gym, or walking the dog. It really should come as no surprise that it’s a rapidly growing sector with opportunities to be hired, narrating the Intro or Outro, or to even be cast as the voice of a specialist podcast! Even the award platforms are taking more notice with bespoke podcast-only awards started this past May, called the Ambies. SOVAS also has announced on Podcast Business Journal, it will be expanding its general podcasting awards to 20 different genre categories by 2022.

Some VO podcasts have only started recently, like Michael Sanchez’s Voiceover Junction, and others were some of the first to get into voice over themed podcasting some 9+ years ago (the podcasting format as we know it originated around 17 years ago but previously was known as Audioblogs, when it started in the 1980s).

I began to do some serious listening to voice-over podcasts this year and am finding them a great wealth of both information and entertainment.

Some are geared towards training and others are more interview style (like several I have been interviewed on, Voiceover Coffee Shop with Andrew Morrison and Voice Moto with June Yoon.)

It’s a podcast-arama out there and here are some notable podcasts, I have found (so far) along the way:

VO Social Award-winning podcast with Leah Marks & Nic Redman provides pure entertainment while spreading the lowdown on all things VO.

Voiceover Girls Across the Pond Hosts Brit Romi Santosh & American Jessica Mathison giving new perspectives on voice industry subjects.

VO School Podcast Brit Jaime Muffet (& company) provides a great mix of useful VO information and industry professional interviews.

Talking Creative Samantha Boffin showcasing director and VO-focused insights.

Talking Voice Overs Gaelle Gosselin weekly South African centric VO podcast.

Heroes of Gaming A gaming-oriented podcast, that encompasses voiceovers.

One thing that I found interesting is that not all podcasts are audio-only platforms. There are a handful of podcasts out that carry a visual medium and are called Vodcasts. Also, besides the usual Apple (the biggest) & Google platforms, there seem to be as many listening platform choices as there are podcasts (on demand radio, numerous apps and actual VO websites...)

I have found personally that I appreciate podcasts that have shorter intros (VO preferred), ones that delve into the subject matter quickly, easy listening options w/o subscriptions, innovative topics, especially ones with marketing tips, and written overviews of the podcast or search/category sections to review past podcasts more easily.

It’s no wonder that a lot of voice artists and VO industry-related creatives are recording and absorbing all things podcast. You may already have your favorites but if you haven’t listened in a while, or not at all, I would definitely suggest a 1-hour fill-up this week. I know that I am looking forward to discovering more, the podcast way.

Would love to hear what your favorite VO podcasts or podcast episodes are?

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