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Voice over Gifts

Who doesn’t like to receive or give work related gifts for Christmas or birthdays?

Here’s a selection of some gifts you might want to consider for the Voice over artist in your life (which might actually be you)

As in most gifting, there are a lot of t-shirts, mugs and jewellery out there, especially voice over themed items of microphones and headphones. Etsy & Zazzle carry many of these items and of course, if you are crafty you can even make homemade themed voice over gifts.

Here is a list, of some of our favorite voice over gifts ideas to get you started:

Gifts $10 & under

Microphone themed cookie cutters -$5.99 Amazon

Microphone chocolate/candy mold $1.99 Etsy

Microphone soap on a rope $9.79 JCPenney

Gifts $50 & under

Accentuate Game $26.96 Walmart/ Utter Nonsense Accent Game $22.63 Amazon

Christmas microphone decoration $25.00 Target

Novelty Easter Island Headphone hooks $17.99 & up Etsy

Professional headphone holder $12.99 & up Sweetwater


Weekend package to top voiceover conferences $199 virtual VO Atlanta

Euro voice over Retreat - 5 day luxury European voiceover Retreat TBA JMC

Neumann top of the line Luxury microphones $7999 & under Sweetwater

And for those with no limits, how about a diamond encrusted microphone ?

No matter your budget and taste, there are some really special Voice over related gifts out there.


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