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My Voice Over Family

In the course of my Voice Acting Career so far, I have received unstinting support from my family, and we have grown into a working family of creatives. Today as we approach Fathers Day, I want to celebrate them.

Everyone has done voiceover work, which may be a by-product of me working in the industry already and having a home studio at hand. My oldest daughter has dabbled in it and has just graduated college with a degree in Media Arts. She is interning with a videogame company, while also working at a Game & Toy company. She runs themed events, such as Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and is their social media coordinator. Very proud of her working accomplishments and that she is doing something she enjoys.

My other daughter, Eva is still in high school and continues auditioning for voice-over jobs. She picked up a One Voice Awards nomination (and a nomination trophy) for Best Children's Voiceover Performance (Under 18's- UK voice) last month. She was also recognized in her high school this year with a theatre award.

It's funny to think one of her earliest projects, was her singing nursery rhymes for the YouTube channel, Farmees Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs. I had even joined her in some of the songs.  She started this project when she was just 8 years old and over the course of her working with them completed over 50 songs. She is now 16 and her voice and performance abilities have matured but it's amazing to think that a YouTube channel that she was heavily involved in, now has 6M subscribers. It's lovely to hear her young voice captured in these songs that are enjoyed by so many.

She also has apps, video games, and eLearning in her portfolio and had a small part in the Chernobylite video game, in which I play Igor (the player character). There is even a joke in our family that I better watch out, as Eva might give me a run for my money in the voiceover department!  

Eva is excited to work on a new demo this month with Reel Voices, London. Here is here current one: Eva Russell Voice Over Demo

And then there is Sandra. She keeps me grounded, she provides outstanding insight which I generally agree with (Though we have our moments), and for the last year or so she has helped run the business, taking a lot of back-office tasks away from my desk and onto hers. It is my belief that this has massively contributed to our business growth (up about 20%) since she stepped in.

So for anyone involved or thinking about voice over as a career, I can highly recommend bringing the family onboard!

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