Voice Acting Runs in the Family

In the course of my Voice Acting Career so far, I have received unstinting support from my family, and we have grown into a true VO family, not only in a proverbial sense but in the fact that everyone in my family has done voice overs, as well. This can be especially said of my youngest daughter, Eva.

She has always enjoyed drama since she was younger, starring in her first ever nativity ‘Whoops A Daisy Angel’ (aged 5), attending many drama camps and being in substantial school productions such as Shrek the Musical, Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

One of her earliest projects, was singing nursery rhymes for the YouTube channel, Farmees Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs. I had even joined her in some of the songs.  She started this project when she was just 8 years old and over the course of her working with them completed over 50 songs. She is now 14 and her voice and performance abilities have matured but it's amazing to think that a YouTube channel that she was heavily involved in, now has 5.17M subscribers.

She also has apps, video games and eLearning in her portfolio and she recently completed several audio drama’s, starring as ‘Gretel’ in ‘Hansel & Gretel’ and as ‘Clara’ in ‘The Nutcracker’ and has picked up roles in two yet to be released videogames.

There is even a joke in our family that I better watch out, as Eva might give me a run for my money in the voiceover department!  

Eva Russell Voice Over Demo