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Speaker at VO Atlanta 2021

Vo Atlanta is one of the largest and definitive Voiceover Conferences in the World with 6 full days of content, training and coaching covering just about every aspect of the business! This year it will be fully virtual and offer 140 speakers & nearly 200 sessions and I’m deeply honored to be one of them.

VO Atlanta has a special place in my VO history.

When I first arrived in the US and was setting up my business, I took a trip to Atlanta in March 2015 to learn more about the business. I read for Cliff Zellman, Stacey J. Aswad and Chuck Duran plus I had a brief chat with J Michael Collins about P2P. At the time, I had no idea just how influential they were. In the moments they spent with me, when I was a green novice, they gave me confidence and motivation to succeed. I also think I may have been the only Brit in the room when Stacey wondered if I wanted to reduce my accent. How things have changed!

If you are thinking about attending, this opportunity will give you one of the most complete voice over training packages available. You’ll meet new talent and established voice over artists, agents, and directors alike. I’ll be taking one of the breakout sessions and discussing "The Benefits and Challenges to your Business that Entering, Being Nominated and/or Winning Awards can bring". You’ll find me in the itinerary on Wednesday 21st at 2.00pm (Just after Lunch).

To see the full schedule visit

The full conference runs from Monday 19th April with the conference opening and Panels, Breakouts and X-Sessions being held Tuesday April 20 to Saturday April 24th . The specialty Audiobook Academy will take place Thursday April 22nd & Friday April 23rd and finally the closing ceremony is April 25th.

It’s a lot to take in and you won’t be able to attend all the sessions in real time. But don’t fret, there are 11 Track sessions to help guide you to decide what sessions would be most beneficial. Ticket holders will be able to playback most sessions again or go to sessions that were missed. There are lots of different packages ranging from Combo passes that let you attend both the main conference and the Audiobook Academy to virtual content passes, if you cannot attend any live sessions due to other commitments.

Maybe I’m biased, but at every conference I have attended I’ve made new friends and new contacts who have referred me or hired me or taught me something I didn’t know. I am certain I have justified the cost through business procured. Even just the value of the coaching you will get from the general sessions, far outweighs the cost. If you participate, I hope you will consider joining me for my session. If not, then perhaps we will meet at another session that we both will be attending. Either way I hope you have a wonderful VO Atlanta 2021.


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