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Speaker at VO Atlanta 2022

Ian Russell Voiceover Speaker

Conference season is in full swing starting with VO Atlanta, March 31-April 3, 2022.

There will be in-person and online sessions with access to many of the sessions online after the event. There is a lot to take in with over 120 sessions (which include panels, x sessions and a specialty audiobook academy).

This year’s conference has the bonus of having an app you can use to help you keep organized. Many sessions and panels happen at concurrent times (as in many of the conferences), so takes a bit of planning ahead of time to decide where one’s priorities and interests lie. Some sessions are geared towards newbies while many of the others will concentrate on VO genres, demos, auditioning and business aspects.

I will be participating in VO Atlanta both as an attendee and a speaker. On Friday 1st at 6.00pm, I’m on a panel discussing the impact of AI voices and on Saturday 2nd at 8.30am, I am giving a workshop call The Great VO Experiment.


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