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My Voiceover Beginning

I think the best place to start is at the beginning.

I was the guy who goofed around at the dining table making my family laugh, my wife seeking an innovative Christmas gift, enrolled me into a 1-day ‘Intro to VO’ workshop in London with JP Orr at The Showreel. It was a distraction from my then stressful day job in Wealth Management. A few voiceover workshops and several job re-organizations later, you can figure out which I preferred, I was ready for a career change. So, on a wing and a prayer and a ringing endorsement from JP (when asked if anyone would hire me he said ‘I don’t see why not’) I set off to find out if anyone would indeed hire me. When I started in voice over in 2014, I certainly never imagined winning awards in this industry.

It was a meager start. Working in my walk-in closet with a barebones set up. Just look at the 'Mic in a box' pic to get an idea!. It took several months and hundreds of auditions to land my first voiceover gig. I worked what seemed full-time and a half, slowly adding better gear, better acoustics, and smarter marketing to widen my voiceover network.


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