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The Advent of Voice Over 2022

Our Voiceover Advent 2022 is here, with some little British twists thrown in for good measure! Make your Voiceover Holidays even brighter with Voiceover giveaways & VO inspired ways to celebrate!

Dec. 1 Start the month off with Voiceover themed Christmas shopping.

The VO Culture shop (SOVAs & That’s Voiceover Merch) or Anne Ganguzza's VO Gear shop are worth a look!

Dec. 2 Attend the L.A. Comicon or similar events in your area!

Dec. 3 Add more lights, bling and sparkle to your website, studio or VO Booth!

Dec. 4 Check out this season’s British Christmas Adverts & the voiceovers that go along with it!

Dec. 5 Create a Christmas or holiday demo! Listen to these Voquent Christmas voices for inspiration.

Dec. 6 Reminder of last guaranteed day for USPS delivery of Christmas cards from US to Europe!

Dec. 7 Consider a donation to the Entertainment Community Fund in this season of giving.

Dec. 8 Watch The Game Awards 7:30pm ET & see who's voted the best in the gaming industry!

Dec. 9 Listen to Samantha Boffin’s ‘Talking Creative Christmas Themed Voiceover Podcasts.

Dec. 10 Play a VO related board or video game (Visit Voice over games blog for ideas)

Dec. 11 #nationalappday – Mobile games account for 45% of video gaming revenue worldwide!

Dec. 12 Go online & visit the Museum of Broadcasting’s 100 years of radio.

Dec. 13 Create a one of kind Christmas voiceover jingle and send to your local radio station & beyond!

Dec. 14 Book in a VO course for the new year (Abaton Calendar has a comprehensive list of courses)

Dec. 15 SOVAS Presents: That's Voiceover! Career Expo 2022 Dec 15-17.

Dec. 16 Join the voiceover Network & attend the VOND Virtual Christmas Party Meet-Up

Dec. 17 Start the Ultimate VO 2023 Business & Goal plan! VO Social career planner is a bespoke VO planner.

Dec. 18 Attend the Society of Voice Arts Gala Warner Bros Studios, California 4;30pm PT.

Dec. 19 Put on your very best Father Christmas, elf, or fairy voice for everyone to enjoy!

Recordable keepsake ornaments are a fun riff on this to try!

Dec. 20 Enjoy Bill Bryson Brit- American accent with his new audible novella The Secret History of Christmas.

Dec. 21 Don't miss Rhonda Phillips VO Late Night Secrets Gift Extravaganza 7pm EST!

Dec. 22 See a classic Pantomine on Panto Online or watch Apple’s new Christmas movie Spirited or Netflix’s recently released Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.

Dec. 23 Finish any last-minute holiday baking (Gingerbread Sound Booth anyone? - this should be a thing!)

Dec. 24 Time to kick up your feet and enjoy a voice friendly Richard Marx-tini drink (just not too much alcohol, chocolate, citrus, or dairy!) & be a part of Marc Scott's 12 Voice Over Gifts of Christmas!

Wishing you the very Happiest of Holidays from our Family to Yours!

Ian Russell

Ian Russell is a British Voiceover Artist specializing in commercial voice over, narration, video game, character voices, animation and more. He is a frequent guest speaker on conference panels and podcasts, sharing knowledge about voice over. Read More >>


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