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SOVAS Nominee

 Society of Voice Arts & Science (SOVAS) nominations were announced this week and I was thrilled to see so many great talent recognised.  I was also delighted to see that I had garnered 4 nominations.

Two demo related nominations (eLearning & video game categories) and two Audiobook narration nominations (Child & teen categories for- Britfield and the Lost Crown). 

This award ceremony is now in its 7th  year and currently recognises key voiceover creatives in 90 distinct categories.

The categories have been extended from last year's 72 categories to 90 categories this year. A lot of this is due to expanding the Spanish categories, of which interestingly, there were none when the SOVAS awards was launched in 2013. 


Looking forward to attending the Live Stream of the SOVAS Awards, Sunday December

20th 6pm EST.  


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