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Chernobylite: Console Edition Release

Those who know me and my Voiceover career, know that outside of the corporate voiceovers I’m involved in daily (explainers, E-Learning, narration), I’m best known in the public domain for my videogame work.

When you work in gaming (as in many other genres) there is the necessity for discretion and secrecy surrounding the story, the characters, and so on. It makes release days very special events. When the secrets are finally divulged, the characters known, and your involvement finally fully revealed.

As the game industry becomes increasingly led by digital downloads, being involved in a game that releases in a boxed version is quite the event. Even in Console editions, fewer physical copies are being produced compared to digital releases.

Maybe it’s old school, but there is still something special in the tangible feel of the game box in your hand.

Games traditionally release on a Tuesday, so it was with much anticipation that I strode into GameStop today (Tuesday, Sept 28th) to find a copy of the Sony PlayStation 4 console release of Chernobylite. The original release date was the 7th but had been pushed back. The beta version was originally released on Steam in 2019 and the full version in July this year. The Xbox version was released digitally today as well, with the Sony PlayStation 5 version planned for release later this year.

Coincidentally, I was nominated for the One Voice Male Gaming Performance in 2020 for Chernobylite. Then on the 28th August 2021 (exactly a month ago), I was nominated and won the One Voice Award USA for Male Gaming performance in another game (Locke in Payday 2). Chernobylite is definitely in the zone for outstanding content, graphics, story, and of course voice-over. I am grateful to be a part of this game. Along with the amazing gameplay, there no doubt will be many accolades and awards in its' future.


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