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Check Out These Voice Over Blogs

Blogs have been around for over 25 years and are an important portal to learn about current trends and thoughts of industry leaders. They can have an impact on SEO and give your voice another Voice. As video and audio platforms have grown in abundance, they have been somewhat superseded by Vlogs and podcasts but are still a pivotal way to find relevant VO information.

Here is our bloggette with links to other VO blogs. We have highlighted a theme from these blogs but most have a wide variety of information and resources.

Aesthetic & Introspective

Lesley Bailey Voice Over Gurus Blog | The Online VoiceOver Community

Laura Schreiber


Paul Schmidt


Joe J Thomas

Paul Strikwerda Nethervoice Blog

Narrator Focus

Karen Commins

Articles/Blog compilation Home - Narrators Roadmap

Technically inclined

Jim Edgar

Ken Theriot

Favorite All-rounders

Kim Handysides

Natasha Marchewka

Guest Compilation Blogs (& podcasts)

Global Events for Voice Artists

If you write a blog or know of other blogs that you think we should know about,

drop us a comment at

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