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In 2020 I achieved a significant milestone – Male Voiceover of the Year – At the One Voice Awards and I found myself asking ‘How did that happen?’ Read about the beginning of my career HERE >

Conventions & Awards

As in most industries, there are conventions and awards that recognize outstanding work. Voice over is no different, and in 2019 I submitted for and attended the OneVoice Convention and Awards in London. It was the first time I had applied to these prestigious UK based awards and, somewhat surprised, I received 2 nominations in Gaming and Voice of the Year. Less surprising was that I didn’t win, but I was proud to have been recognized with my nominations and it was enlightening to meet and network with outstanding talent from around the world.

Encouraged, I entered the 2020 awards. I had been involved in some wonderful projects and the creatives are generally very supportive in giving permission to use their work. I was humbled when earlier this year I then received 3 nominations. Best Character Performance in an Animation, Male Gaming Voice of the Year and Male Voice of the Year 2020. I was all set to travel to London in May when the Covid pandemic changed everyone's plans, but on September 19th, the Virtual One Voice Awards ceremony took place with both nominees and families in tow.

The hosts, Gravy for the Brain, deserve much praise for their vision and organisation of the virtual event. With attendees, nominees, hosts and a live feed, the virtual awards ceremony went off with barely a hitch. With 3 nominations, I was excited to see how things would go. Much to my astonishment, I came away with 2 awards - Male Animation Performance and Voice of the Year 2020! I cried during my speech.

So many talented people trusted me with their words and their stories, and I am so grateful for their support.

The voice in isolation cannot match the completed vision. Winning these awards reflects so much on all the incredible work done together by so many talents in the media arts industry. Awards in and of themselves will not make you a better talent but I do feel they help to open doors to opportunity and give you confidence that you are on the right path.

The One Voice Awards are free to enter and are judged anonymously so they are perhaps the most inclusive you can find. If I can win, so can you. Deadline for entries is usually around January so keep your eyes open and good luck!


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